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Oakland Sprinkler Repair Experts Present: How to Keep your Grass Green

lawncareOne of the first things that neighbors and visitors to your home notice is the front yard. It's your choice whether that first impression will be of a lush, green lawn or a big brown spot. Keeping grass looking its best throughout the year can be a challenge, but here are some tips to get you started.

•    Get to know your soil. Not all yards are created equally. Even in cities like Oakland, different communities, subdivisions and tracts can contain different elements within the soil. The first step in diagnosing and correcting a problem with your grass is to find out what's beneath it. Do-it-yourself home testing kits are available, or hire a professional lawn care or landscape technician to help. Be on the lookout for unusual pH levels.

•    Aerate and Fertilize. A properly aerated lawn allows water and fertilizer to reach inches below the ground where roots are located. Once you know what's in the soil, you'll know what needs to be added as a nutritional supplement. The proper amount and type of fertilizer can help to take your yard from good to great.

•    Water your grass in the early By choosing early morning or late night times to water grass, you'll be able to reduce the amount of evaporation, and ensure that water is being used efficiently and effectively to hydrate your lawn.

•    Avoid over watering or under watering. This is easier said than done, and there's a good chance that your sprinklers are running on autopilot. But, if you want to own a showpiece lawn, you'll need to pay attention to changes in the weather that will affect irrigation. If rainy days are on the horizon, prepare to shut off of your instaling sprinklerssprinklers for a little while. If we're experiencing a windy season, make sure that watering is done when winds are at their low point, to avoid excess evaporation.

When all is said and done, getting the greenest grass on the block can take a little time and effort, but with the proper amount of TLC, your yard and your home will look better for it.

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